Brand identity, footwear design, and shopping experience for a Mexican footwear startup.
Identity Design / Product Design / Strategy Design 

Awards and Publications
- Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design. (2015)
- DesignBoom (2015)
Brand Identity
Leather jackets and motorcycles in contrast with ties and tuxedos were the elements that gave life to this concept named “Classic Rebels”.

The combination of the rebel style from the 50s and the elegance of the gentlemen from the 60s is the essence of this proposal. Buttons, zippers, seams and flowers are just some of the elements that were taken to the design.


Brand Personality - Archetypes

Product Design
The sneaker design reflects the duality of the brand. On one hand, the rebel side is present in the pure matte black leather and in the collar which resembles the leather jackets worn by motorcyclists.

On the other hand, the classic style of the gentlemen is reflected in the structure and in the iconic buttons taken from the tuxedo shirts.

Positioning Map - Emerging Brands 2014

Potential Customer Feedback

The silver flower, located in the heel of the shoe, is the culmination of the brand's concept. It represents the wild roses from the motorcycle patches and tattoos, and the gallantry and class from the boutonnières.

Visual Identity
Based on the most known and luxurious brands in the market, the visual identity for Byron and Leach follows a traditional approach to create a timeless and lasting brand that feels familiar to the audience.

It follows the concept of duality with classic features such as a serif font and dark blue and a silver highlights, with rebel aesthetics like roses with thorns and a gothic monogram.

Naming Origin

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