Byron & Leach

Design of brand, shoe wear, shopping experience and product launch strategy for a Mexican startup.

The inspiration for this design came from the need to create a sneaker with a duality, which could be used both for going out and to work. To fulfill this need the brand is based on the concept we named “Classic Rebels”, a combination of rebellious style riders from the 50’s with elegance and poise of men 60s.

The buttons allow the sneaker to change and have different looks, when buttons are undone the shoes take a casual style, and when they are buttoned up it becomes sleeker.

The identity is a simple and traditional approach based on the most known luxurious brands in order to create a timeless and lasting brand.

The launch strategy includes a special and limited edition of the sneaker, a special kit for bloggers and influencers, a teaser campaign, and launching event created by a male fashion magazine.
- Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design. (2015)
- Terra News (2015)
- DesignBoom (2015)

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