Iconography based product design to enhance Mexican patriotism and culture.
Product Design / Icon Design
Frida Obsession Book (2016)
Flat Illustration Book (2015)
Área Visual España (2014)
Character Design Served (2014)

The name was taken from the song "México, Lindo y Querido" interpreted by the Mexican singer and writer Jorge Negrete, and that has become a national anthem for Mexicans who live outside the country. The brand is divided into 4 categories: Culture, Show Business, History and Traditions. 
Frida Kahlo
Dolores Olmedo
José Clemente Orozco
Mauricio Garcés
Chapulín Colorad
Vicente Fernandez
José Maria Morelos
Pancho Villa
Carlos Salinas de Gortari
Sugar Skull
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