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Evolving for the digital era

Digital Design / Identity / Web Design / UI
Website design for steel bar manufacturer

Koldroll is one of the primary manufacturers of Cold Drawn steel bars in Mexico founded in 1979. Since its foundation the company has invested in research, technology and manufacturing. However, their visual identity hasn't evolved with the company and doesn't reflect their growth.
Previous website
Optimizing the logo for the digital era 

The company's logo had been used primary for printed materials, therefore, it needed to be optimized for its digital use.

The use of drop shadows in the wordmark and emblem, and the gray outlined circle of the symbol were the two main issues to resolve in order to improve the readability of the logo in digital applications.
Photography Style

A photography style was defined for the brand in order to maintain the consistency between all the different product shots and lifestyle images on the website. Images with cool tones and blue accents were selected in order to mirror the color palette from the logo and the characteristics of the steel products.​​​​​​​

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